I had my first e-commerce site way back in a time slightly after the dinosaurs and before PayPal (people had to send me cheques - remember them...?).  While this felt ground-breaking at the time, needing a programmer every time I needed to add a new product soon became tedious. 

Since then, running a shop online has become a lot more straightforward. New platforms, super-fancy payment carts, new-generation marketing techniques etc, however, mean that absolutely anyone can build their own shop online to sell products and/or services. And if can create an online store, you can build a sustainable business.

While starting your online store is relatively straightforward, starting a successful online store takes a little more work and planning. One of life's sad misconceptions is if you build an online store - people will come!

If you are looking to open an online shop, come and check out my training programs and if you need help to get started, get in touch below.

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